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Before the construction of any building, there is a structural solution that is needed to aid in the design and construction. This is the main purpose of structural engineering and we are glad to be the best local firm offering reliable solutions and services. The structural integrity of any building is essential as this determines the safety and stability of the structure. As a structural engineer, I work with mechanical and electrical engineers as well as architects and general contractors. Our work is to ensure that you have a framework that supports the overall plan of the building. We are committed to ensuring that you have a structure that takes the shape and appearance that you desire.

Using steel materials, we are able to come up with the skeleton of the structure. We are passionate about what we do and we will work hard to provide you the right solutions. Our engineers are qualified and will help in making sure that the building is safe and habitable. For several decades, we have been serving different clients, with commercial, residential, and institutional projects. As the leading structural engineers, we have proved to be reliable and we are able to help our clients meet their goals. If you can dream or imagine it, we are the experts who will make your structure come to life.

Affordable Structural Engineering Services

There are many people who choose to take corners when it comes to construction projects. After a while, the buildings erected turn out to be safety hazards. In order to encourage more people to have construction work done the right way, our costs are affordable. If you are interested in our services, our prices are as follows:

  • $500 within Salt Lake County
  • $550 for Weber County or Utah County
  • Custom pricing for larger projects
  • *May include additional jurisdiction fees or trip fees

What Ballpark Engineering Can Do For You

We are a local firm headed by Jaiden, that has an extensive range of structural engineering services to offer. I have been providing consulting services to different clients and experts. As long as you have a vision or a concept, my team will be able to use their creative abilities to make your project a reality. Over the years, we have been honored to work with a wide range of clients. We are certified and registered structural engineers and our mission is to ensure that our customers are served in the best way. All our crews are trained and qualified to provide amazing solutions.
Since its inception, I have helped thousands of clients with structural engineering solutions. My firm is known to take projects that others avoid. There is no structural system that is too complicated or too simple for us; we can handle it all. I am passionate about my work and I have always been working towards creating a collaborative environment. There are so many clients, contractors, architects, and engineers that I have worked with. We will help you with the calculation of the overall project and give you the best solutions.

Ballpark Engineering are professional structural engineers and you can trust us to provide the best and most creative solutions. I am committed to making my clients happy and content with the services that my firm offers. Our flexible approach to our services is what has made us work on thousands of projects. We will discuss the possibilities of your ideas and concepts and our experts strive to give you exactly what you want. As a licensed firm, we are able to provide the best solutions to all our clients. Contact us and let us discuss your building project.

What We Do

Jaiden run a local and independent firm that specializes in structural engineering. Our success is attributable to our collaborative services with other professionals as well as clients. We are always available throughout the project. We will collaborate in schematic planning, permit process, design development, and construction; you can trust us to do a great job. We have a wide network of other experts and specialists that we can refer to for your project. Our focus is to see to it that at the end of the process you have achieved the desired outcome.

We are experts that specialize in written reports for house flippers, home inspectors, lenders, and homeowners who need structural engineering inspections. We also handle quite a significant load of foundation inspections, bearing wall removals, earthquake inspections, adding windows, and other miscellaneous structural evaluations. Unlike other firms that juggle with different tasks, I do not offer building design, drafting, or plan work. As long as the jurisdiction in charge of inspecting the project will accept a written report, and does not require structural plans, I can get it done


Residential Services

We work with a number of experts who are involved in residential construction projects. We will provide a cost-effective structure, which is safe and fully compliant. I will take the time to have detailed discussions with the architect and offer my structural advice and the relevant solutions.


Remodels can vary in terms of size and scope. Whether you want to remodel the entire house, add a room, remove a wall or remodel unfinished basements, we are here for you. We are the experts that handle the structural engineering bit and our work is to ensure that you have a structure that meets all the building code requirements and is safe.

Commercial Buildings

I have been involved in various commercial building projects. I have creative solutions to any structural challenge that you may be facing. Commercial buildings are different from residential structures and we will ensure that all safety measures are adhered to.

Earthquake Hazard Evaluation

We are the structural engineers who will provide post-earthquake inspections and evaluations. Our engineers will give recommendations on how to make your building firm and ready to withstand any seismic activity.

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