Post-Earthquake Inspections
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There are so many seismic activities that occur in Utah. When this happens, and your house is affected, you need a professional inspection to determine the extent of the damage. We are a local company that offers professional post-earthquake inspections. We serve commercial and residential clients. Our structural engineer will inspect the home and compile a detailed report that can help in the reinforcement of the structure. During the post-earthquake inspections, we will make use of the structural drawings. We never compromise on the quality of the service that we offer. Our mission is to ascertain that the building is safe and habitable after an earthquake.

As a trusted structural engineer, my focus is to check the structural integrity of your building and determine if it is safe for reoccupation. During the inspection process, our engineers will look at all the areas that may have been compromised by the seismic hazard and find the right mitigation solutions. The process will commence with a visual inspection of the exteriors of the building. We will be looking for any land shots and tilting before proceeding to the interior inspections. When inside the building we will look out for cracked walls, impaired columns, and any other supporting systems that may be damaged. We will provide a comprehensive evaluation of our findings.

Our Post-Seismic Evaluation

Generally, we have different types of inspection techniques that we can use after an earthquake or tremor. Rapid visual inspection is the first one that we will use and this is within the first 24 hours of the seismic activity. Our engineer will focus on establishing if the building is safe for occupation. This is a short process and takes a little time to assess the structural integrity of the building. Once we have completed the initial phase, we will proceed to the detailed structural evaluation. In this case, we will provide tailored solutions to your situation. This takes quite some time and goes into great detail of the structural integrity of the building.

Right after an earthquake, it is imperative to have a professional inspect the building for physical damage. This is easy to spot on the outside of the building but there may be a whole lot of internal damage that may not be apparent. This is why we have invested in modern technologies and we are able to offer digital monitoring. With our modern equipment and experience, we are able to reveal the hidden defects that may not be easy to notice. We will look at all the crucial points in the building, and at the end of the inspection, we are able to provide a detailed report with an action plan.

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Post-earthquake inspections are useful and should be taken as a top priority after an earthquake. We have professional inspectors who will give a detailed report that will help with tailored repairs to specific locations. Contact us today and let us plan for an inspection of your building after an earthquake.