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Residential Inspections

We work with many home inspectors and lenders to provide an expert analysis of the structural integrity of residential homes. It is our goal to address any structural concerns inside and out, looking in crawl spaces and attics and everywhere between. With our expertise we are able to identify existing and potential concerns, including risk of future damage.  Our structural engineer will conduct a detailed inspection for all structural needs to properly restore and maintain the building’s structural integrity.

Commercial Inspections

The structural integrity of a commercial building is often overlooked and undervalued. Without a professional and thorough structural inspection, you can risk not only long-term damage to the building, but high risk and liability for the welfare of occupants. Ensure building safety and minimize your risk by hiring our professional structural engineer to complete a thorough inspection and report.

Structural Inspections

We have been serving Utah with a wide range of structural engineering solutions. The structural integrity of your home is vital and as such, we will be happy to help you determine if it is of sound quality. We will check all the parts of your home to address structural concerns. With our expertise, we can identify risks of future structural damage as well as propose remedies for existing or potential structural damage.

Our detailed structural inspection will be carried out by our licensed and qualified inspector. We will take the time to explain the exact problem in detail and as such, you can be in a position to make an informed decision. Our specialist will come with a comprehensive plan of action in writing. Our objective is to provide you with a detailed report of the flaws in the structural integrity of your home, as well as measures you can take to maintain long-term structural integrity.

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If you are looking for a professional residential structural inspection, we are the experts. Allow us to help you with timely solutions that will help in restoring the stability of your home. If you have any concerns about the structural integrity of your building, you should get the help of a professional structural engineer. Contact Us Today!