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Ensure Structural Integrity

Structural Engineering Services

When it comes to the structural integrity of your home, no risk is worth it! Whether you are adding a new window, taking down walls, or need a structural inspection for a home purchase or post-earthquake crack, Contact Us Today!

Window Additions and Wall Removals

If your home remodel involves adding exterior windows or removing walls, you need a structural engineer to ensure the remodel doesn’t end in disaster.

Foundation Inspection

Any concern about a home’s foundation should be addressed immediately! Whether for your existing home or a new home purchase, get the foundation inspected to ensure safety and structural integrity.

Post-Earthquake Inspection

Earthquakes are common in Utah, and can damage the structural integrity of your home. Don’t wait, schedule an inspection today!



“Jaiden’s knowledge and advise was invaluable to our home renovation!”

– Ashley, Draper UT

What Ballpark Engineering Can Do For You

I am Jaiden, your new personal structural consultant! I am a licensed structural engineer and my mission is to ensure that my customers are able to maintain and improve the structural integrity of their homes. 

My firm is known to take projects that others avoid. I specialize in written reports for home owners, house flippers, home inspectors, and lenders who need structural engineering inspections. We provide foundation inspections, bearing wall removals, earthquake inspections, adding windows, and other miscellaneous structural evaluations. Unlike other firms that juggle with different tasks, I do not offer building design, drafting, or plan work. As long as the jurisdiction in charge of inspecting the project will accept a written report, and does not require structural plans, I can get it done. 

Why Hire A Structural Engineer?

Residential Services

We work with many home inspectors to provide an expert analysis of the structural integrity of residential homes. Whether for a new home purchase or your current home, never underestimate the importance of your home’s foundation. 


Remodels can vary in terms of size and scope. Whether you want to remodel the entire house, add a room, remove a wall or remodel unfinished basements, we are here for you. We are the experts that ensure the structural integrity of your home.

Commercial Buildings

I have been involved in various commercial building projects. I have creative solutions to any structural challenge that you may be facing. Commercial buildings are different from residential structures and we will ensure that all safety measures are adhered to.

Earthquake Hazard Evaluation

We are the structural engineers who will provide post-earthquake inspections and evaluate the impact of seismic activity. Our structural engineer will give recommendations to ensure your building is firm and ready to withstand any seismic activity.

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