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Welcome to Ballpark Engineering, where your vision for residential and light commercial projects is transformed into reality with unmatched precision and care. Our specialization lies in seamlessly navigating the intricacies of permits, inspections, and compliance, ensuring your project advances without setbacks. Rooted in our core values of Communication, Excellence, Responsibility, and Freedom, we are committed to delivering successful endeavors with integrity and trust at the forefront. By turning potential challenges into opportunities for success, we pride ourselves on restoring confidence and bringing your project to life exactly as you envisioned.

Quality Assurance

At Ballpark Engineering, we uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability—principles we consider fundamental. Our unwavering commitment to excellence propels our projects through comprehensive quality checks at every phase. From the drawing board to the final touches of construction, our team's acute attention to detail and strict adherence to the latest industry standards ensure our projects are not only robust but embody safety, sustainability, and longevity. This dedication is reflected in our consistent track record of successful projects, underscoring our promise of quality assurance. Each project is a testament to our belief in doing things right—the first time and every time—anchoring our reputation on the pillars of Communication, Excellence, Responsibility, and Freedom.

Tailored Solutions

At Ballpark Engineering, we recognize the distinctiveness of each project and the unique dreams behind them. This recognition forms the cornerstone of our client-centric methodology. Delving deep into your vision, goals, and the specific challenges you face, we engage in a partnership that extends beyond mere consultation. Our collaborative process ensures that every solution we craft is not just customized but also harmonizes with your specific needs, offering cost-effective, innovative, and structurally superior outcomes. It's our commitment to Communication, Excellence, Responsibility, and Freedom that empowers us to deliver solutions that not only meet but surpass your expectations. With Ballpark Engineering, your project benefits from a bespoke strategy that guarantees excellence and integrity at every turn.

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At Ballpark Engineering, our foundation is built on a dual commitment to unparalleled expertise and ceaseless innovation. Our team of seasoned professional engineers brings a profound depth of experience to the table, enriched by a relentless pursuit of the latest in cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. This fusion ensures that our engineering solutions not only lead the industry in innovation but also directly address the evolving needs of our clients with efficiency, sustainability, and superior design. It is this commitment to excellence that empowers us to navigate the most diverse challenges, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations. At the heart of our innovative endeavors is a steadfast dedication to Communication, Excellence, Responsibility, and Freedom, guiding us in revolutionizing structural design solutions for an ever-changing world.

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strength in design, integrity in build

At Ballpark Engineering, our passion is twofold: crafting new structures with unmatched strength and meticulously addressing and resolving existing structural challenges. Our expertise shines when reviving projects stalled by regulatory hurdles, ensuring a seamless return to progress. Innovation is woven into our fabric, allowing us to enhance and fortify existing structures, all while upholding our unyielding commitment to excellence. The results are reliable, sustainable, and fully compliant engineering solutions that exemplify the pinnacle of structural integrity. Our licensed and insured team is your guarantee of professional accountability, offering cost-effective designs and unwavering support from conception to completion.

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Structural integrity is paramount, and with Ballpark Engineering, it’s assured. As your dedicated structural engineering partners, we bring clarity to the often opaque world of construction regulations. Our expertise means a streamlined permit process, precise and timely calculations, and resolution of permit issues without compromise. We specialize in stepping into projects at any stage to guide them back on track, ensuring a seamless continuation towards completion. With us, it’s more than engineering—it’s gaining a proactive ally who stands by your side, committed to the project’s success and easing the burdens of bureaucracy

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New Construction Design and Inspection

Home Buyer Inspection

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New Construction

We provide structural design services for non-significant structures throughout new construction, from Design to Occupancy Certification, whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial, educational, or public. We are familiar with all construction types, including wood-frame, steel structure, masonry, and more. We offer cost-saving solutions in the design phase, provide thorough inspections and ongoing communication during Construction Administration phase, and resolve any issues during the permitting and inspection phases.


New Construction Design

Tenant Improvements and Retrofits

Building and Safety Inspection

remodels and additions

Large Renovation Structural Assessment

Building Extensions and Additions

Structural Restoration and Rehabilitation

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Window Additions / Enlargement

New Deck Additions

Dug Out Basements


We provide comprehensive and strategic structural design consulting services, expert guidance, detailed inspections, and tailored solutions to ensure structural integrity. Our services include comprehensive due diligence and inspection assessments, compliance evaluations, risk identification, and unbiased assessments of structural damage and rehabilitation plans. We also offer peer review for our fellow professional engineers who need a second opinion. Reach out to us for practical insights and efficient problem-solving in any stage of your project lifecycle.


Due Diligence Inspections

Building and Safety Inspection

Permit Phase Inspection

Seismic Evaluation

Foundation Inspection

Structural Inspection

Damage Investigation

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Jaiden T. Olsen, PE

Professional Engineer

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Beckah O.

home owner

Jaiden is exceptional in every way. He is an experienced engineer, real estate investor/flipper, as well as has years of experience in construction. The value he can add to any project with his experience is incredible. He puts his clients first and is able to bring professional, real life advice to make your project the best it can be! He knows how to get things done!

Whitney W.

"Jaiden and his Team at Ballpark Engineering are great to work with. I have used their expert engineering advice many times for our own personal design projects as well as for our design clients here in Utah. I would recommend them to anyone."

Mrs. Anderson

"So great to work with! I wouldn't hesitate to use Ballpark again, and absolutely will for future projects we have planned"

Kattie H.

"Very responsive and got the job done quickly. Very pleasant to work with, highly recommend"

Jordy C.

"Ballpark did a great job helping us create a new floor plan! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for architectural or structural engineering work"

Doug B.

"Always engineering to code with the contractor and budget in mind. Great experience every time."

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strength in design. integrity in build.